Vote Bryan April, 6th!



My name is Bryan Amezquita and I'm running as a candidate for Rockford's 4th Ward. I was born and raised in the Rockford area and graduated from Rock Valley College with an Associate of Arts and Rockford University with a Bachelor's of Science in Education. My high school sweetheart and I were married in Rockford and we both went on to teach at RPS 205. Currently, I am a small business owner and the CEO of a local company. When I am not focusing on expanding my ventures,  I am spending time with my wife, son, and our dogs. 


I'm running because I believe we need leaders that are proactively working to better our community. Someone who knows the importance of being openly transparent in what they are working towards for the needs of our people and their best interests. My goal is to be a main figure who will ensure Rockford continues to improve on being the best city to work, invest, and raise our families. It is also my hope to get younger people involved with our local government and show our voices can be heard. Together we can take pride in where we call home.


Choose an Alderman that is actively

engaged with our community.

Proactive on Crime: 

  • Strong police relationship for new initiatives.

  • Landlord/owner accountability measures in place. 

Proactive on Infrastructure

  • Actively engaging with citizens to fix issues.

  • Follow up on projects to ensure quality.

Proactive on Tax Payer Services

  • Hold vendors accountable for work done.

  • Communication on expected services.